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Need Help with Tennis Strings/Racquet!...Details Given

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Need Help with Tennis Strings/Racquet!...Details Given

Postby Daemonturk on Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:47 am

I am a tennis enthusiast and 16 years old. I am a decent player, my main strength is my forehand.
I am about to buy a new racquet, Head MicroGel Extreme (100), but I am quite confused about strings
what strings would suit my style the most.

My current racquet is ProKennex Classic Carbon 95 (given as a gift) and it's getting battered and worn.
It works well with me though. What I like about it is:
-the 60lbs (probably) string tension (I love control and FEEL)
-the 95 sq. inch head, though I don't mind 100
-4 1/4 grip
-I don't know what the strings are, but they probably aren't syn gut or nat gut.

I like topspin, control and feel over power anyday, so knowing this, what strings should I get with my new
racquet? (If you suggest I should not buy the MicroGel Extreme, then suggest something else)

My string choices are limited, they are:

-Babolat VS Touch 1.3
-Babolat Attraction
-Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour
-Babolat Pro Hurricane
-Babolat VF International Tour 1.32
-Babolat Ballistic

-Head Perfect Control 1.3
-Head RIP Control 1.3
-Head FXP 17
-Head UltraTour 1.3

-Prince Topspin
-Prince Synthetic Guy

-Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 1.25
-Luxilon Monotec Supersense 1.25
-Luxilon Big Banger Original
-Luxilon XP 1.3

(For some reason, Babolat VS Touch 1.3 cannot be chosen by itself, in stringing options.
It can only be chosen as Babolat VS Touch 1.3 + Babolat Hurricane, which is apparently a
hybrid string Roddick uses. This might have something to do with 'mains' and 'crosses', which
I know nothing about)

I had my eye on 'Head RIP Control 1.3' originally, but according to the
'All About Strings' Guide (of tennis-warehouse),
they said Polyester strings are too soft and there is not much power and feel. I didn't want
a string without feel, so I decided to not go with it.

Now, I have my eye on Babolat VS Touch 1.3, because everyone says good things about nat. gut.

Is VS Touch 1.3 meant to be strung with other strings, or is the hybrid better (Roddick's)?

Is there something I'm not understanding properly, like crosses and mains?

Can you please suggest what strings/racquets are best for me? It would be great if you could relate them
to your personal experiences.

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Re: Need Help with Tennis Strings/Racquet!...Details Given

Postby tennisontherocks on Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:18 pm

I wish there was easy answer to your questions. you just need to try different types of cheap strings and see what you like the most.

I use klip x-plosive hybrid on yonex rds001 mp and very happy with it so far

http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpag ... EXP17.html

use poly in mains for added spin/durability and gut in crosses for the feel. I never enjoyed all poly setup and found it too harsh. liked overall feel of multifilaments, but they are not that great for spin or durability. so hybrids offer best compromise for me.
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